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Manhattan, New York

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"Liberty" Statue of Liberty New York. I captured this photograph while on a boat tour stretching from Pier 83 around Manhattan to the Brooklyn Bridge and out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island just after the worst storm in 20 years blew through the region lasting three days. The strong winds made it difficult to stay warm, hold my camera stable on my monopod and stay out of the water spray from the waves created by the boat. The Statue was free of snow but the surrounding ground was still fully covered. I also captured some HD 1080 Video of the sun setting while visiting the Statue.  With the late evening sun I was able to get a 50/50 light on the scene.  During the storm Governors in surrounding states and New York banned driving personal vehicles on the public highways for a couple days. Being from Lake Tahoe I came prepared for the weather and was excited to capture New York City and Central Park with fresh snow. The incredible skyline of Manhattan was breathtaking. Growing up in California, visiting San Francisco as an adult regularly and shooting it many times as a professional photographer didn't prepare me for the magnitude of the impressive size and quantity of the buildings and skyscrapers that form the skyline of Manhattan. My hat is off to the Architects and Engineers who contributed to building the touted greatest city on Earth. Black and white photography is still my favorite so you will see many images offered in Color and BW.
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