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In college I won a Special Recognition Award in the annual Student Art Display for this photo I created in my first Photography class. It's titled "20th Century Man vs 21st Century Woman". When it was on display in the main building with everyone else's work I would sit in the area and listen to people talk about my piece without them knowing I was the creator.  I really was inspired by all of the dialogue it created amongst the viewers.  "The War on Women" is a hot topic in politics in 2014.  Although discrimination against women isn't a new issue being debated heavily in todays modern politics it seems to have come to a boiling point. I think photographs like this can create a healthy dialogue involving equality between men and women in spite of our many mental, physical and philosophical differences.  I staged this scene to depict a woman in a man's world. I am selling photo prints on paper and canvas along with Posters.  There are three different styles to choose from- The Original Photograph, Poster Style with the Title only on the Bottom and finally the Poster Style with the Caption "The War on Women" on the Top with the Title on the Bottom. You can order larger sizes- contact me for custom quote on prices and availability.