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"One of a Kind" Photographs

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"Into the Mist" Emerald Bay- Lake Tahoe CA. MY first two photo sessions of Emerald Bay came in 2005 when a layer of clouds hovered over the lake for three weeks. I finally went out to Emerald Bay and hiked up till I got above the clouds. On the first day, Fannette Island was completely covered under the fog as pictured in "Undercover".  The next day I came back and hiked up to the same spot. I couldn't believe my eyes. The fog had dissipated just a little bit leaving Fannette Island in view with Lake Tahoe covered under the fog and blue bird skies above. The snow capped mountains surround the entire basin. Into the Mist is a "One of a Kind" photograph of Lake Tahoe's "Jewel of the Sierra"- Emerald Bay
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